You are Love

Putting pen to paper
I bring life and shape
To this void
Sending a message
As old as time
I am reassured
That those who need it
Will hear it
You are kind
You are loved
You are needed
That is my purpose
That is my pride
That is my work
Messages of love
And notes of solidarity
Sent into the ether
To be grabbed by those
Who hear then
Feel them
Need them
It’s my love letter
To the world.


was pressed up against the bodies of the people around me, moving back and forth with the sway of the car. The occasional jolt sent me plunging into the lap of a stranger. I held my bag near to the ground as our top-heavy anatomy prevented me from keeping it on my back where it belonged. I thought about a sardine can and about how well the tiny bodies fit next to each other. If only half the people on the subway stood on their heads we could likely double the number of people on each train. And nothing would be lost because people don’t converse on the subway. Neither words nor eyes meet. We are all so close, confined to the same small space, but are actively avoiding each other. We might as well be soaked in oil and nestled in a tin can.